ALEKSANDAR STIPAN Backend Coder • Automation Enthusiast • CI/CD Fanatic

My Story

As a self-taught programmer, I am focused on backend development, CI/CD pipelines and automation. I'm excited to apply my analytical mindset to projects requiring technical expertise and creative problem-solving. I remain open to opportunities for growth, collaboration and addressing real-world challenges with my skill set.

Languages & Tools

Preferred programming languages and core tools for version control, CI/CD, container orchestration and deployment.

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Core maintainer of the Go-Blueprint project: Go Blueprint is a CLI tool that allows users to spin up a Go project with the corresponding structure. It also offers the option to integrate with some of the most popular Go frameworks. Additionally, it implements database drivers along with Docker Compose file for quick database creation, HTMx templates, GitHubAction worflows and Websockets.

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Personal S3 Storage Infrastructure


Implementing MinIO, a high-performance object storage system compatible with Amazon S3, using Terraform and Ansible for management. Configured as Multi-Node Multi-Drive (MNMD), this setup ensure robust performance and availability for enterprise applications. It is fortified with configuration to sustain read operations even in the event of half-node or drive failures.

Lambda, DynamoDB & APIgw TF Modules

Lambda, DynamoDB & APIgw TF Modules


Terraform modules for creating Lambda functions along with associated AWS infrastructure components like DynamoDB tables and API Gateway configurations. The repository includes modularized Terraform code with separate modules for Lambda functions, DynamoDB tables, and API Gateway integrations, facilitating easy deployment and management of serverless applications.

ArgoCD pipline

ArgoCD GitHub Action pipeline


GitHub Actions workflow that integrates with DockerHub and ArgoCD, enabling streamlined CI/CD pipelines. This setup utilizes semantic versioning for Docker images and automatically updates Helm charts in another repository upon successful commits.

Coolify instance on Hetzner

Coolify instance on Hetzner


Deploys Coolify on Hetzner Cloud using the Terraform. Coolify is an all-in one PaaS that helps you to self-host your own applications, databases or services without managing your servers, also known as an open-source & self-hostable Heroku / Netlify / Vercel alternative.

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